Bigshot Archery: Industry 5Q WebXtra

Necessity is the mother of invention. This is what drove Al Perelli to create what we now know as Bigshot Targets. After shooting through target after target in a matter of weeks, Al decided to create something that would last shot after shot for both mechanical and fixed broadheads. After weeks of trial and error, Bigshot targets were born. The name speaks for itself: the targets were BIG and they could withstand lots of shots. Bigshot Target’s vision is to provide quality targets that solve real problems for archers, pro shops, and clubs. Bigshot offers a wide variety of smart target designs that are aimed at dealer and consumer satisfaction. Inside Archery spoke with Al Perelli, owner of Bigshot, to learn more about the company’s Real Wild 3-D Targets.

“The Real Wild series offers something that was previously unavailable to the 3-D archer: high-end quality plus affordability,” stated Perelli. Real Wild 3D targets provide exceptional realism, durability and value for your club or backyard 3D range. With the proven EZ pull foam, Real Wild 3D targets are becoming the new choice for commercial ranges and clubs. For 2019, the Real Wild 3D collection continues to grow with the addition of the African impala, skunk and the exclusive armadillo adding to their popular collection including to the standing bear, walking bear, den bear, mule deer, boar, big buck deer, beer novelty, strutting turkey, and much more. “Real Wild Targets are changing the equation by offering high-quality, durable targets—like those used in competitions—but with the affordability and realism that clubs and backyard enthusiasts are looking for. The Real Wild series hits the mark on all of the key buying criteria,” stated Al Perelli. Learn more about Bigshot Targets and the new additions to their line of Real Wild Targets by visiting Bigshot Target’s website.

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